Monday, 21 October 2013

Speculoos Cheesecake

I love it when I come across new flavours. Recently, someone gave me a pack of biscuits that are absolutely addictive. These biscuits have a similar flavour profile to gingerbread, but a lot lot better (I prefer it better anyway)! It is the biscuit behind the famous Cookie Butter that every food lover I know has been raving about - Speculoos. Speculoos originated from Belgium and was traditionally made around Saint Nicholas Day. Presently, Speculoos is available to munch on all year round.

In 2007, Speculoos was developed into a spread thanks to the winning entry to the show De Bedenkers (The Inventors) in Belgium; companies quickly produced the spread to make it commercially available, and indeed it sold like hot cakes!

I personally prefer the biscuit over the spread and find myself craving for a Speculoos or two to dip into my morning coffee. You can almost say that Oreo is for my milk as Speculoos is for my coffee! Having that analogy in mind, I remembered back when I was a teen, Oreo cheesecake was one of the 'it' desserts. So, my palate and my food loving tummy just quickly drew me to the idea of making a Speculoos cheesecake. 

I used a classic cheesecake recipe and tweaked it to showcase the flavours of Speculoos. I used the Speculoos biscuits to make the crust of my cheesecake. Then I incorporated the spread to a third of my classic cheesecake filling batter. I then gently folded the Speculoos cheesecake mixture into the classic cheesecake filling to make a marbled effect.

My speculoos cheesecake project was an undoubted success! One slice was not enough and it left me craving for more.  But I have to discipline myself to save some for the following days. In fact, I think I still have a slice left, and maybe devouring it now is a nice way to end this post!

Bisous bisous,

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