It all started on a cold winter's day. It was freezing and I think I was suffering from winter blues. I just finished my gingerbread house project for Christmas, and it certainly uplifted my spirits. I forgot how much baking satisfies me. Why did I stop? I was pondering on what ever happened to my love for baking. Whatever the reason was, I know I still had it in me; I still love baking. I needed to push myself and find some motivation as well as reason to bake again.

Couple of weeks later, I watched the flick Julie and Julia. I know a lot of blogs were born because of this film. And guess what... I've become a cliche. "I felt a connection." haha! But seriously, that movie was the push I needed.

I was hesitant at first about creating a blog because writing has always been my weak point. However, my husband, Hconvinced me to do so. I'm glad he did! I'm now starting to enjoy writing as much as I'm falling back in love with baking. Good relationship I say.

I've chosen to hide under a blog persona, Charlotte. No, it's not named after Charlotte York of SATC. I named my blog persona after an old-fashion elegant dessert, Charlotte Royale. As for the blog name, well simple as, in my own little bubble I have an ambition of becoming a pastry chef. Although that might not be all realistic, I am baking as much as I could in my own kitchen to expand my skills and knowledge. This blog would be the outlet for me to share all the goodies I'm baking. Although sometimes, I might blog about something else.

I hope you enjoy my blog!♥

Bisou bisou,


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