Recipes for grabs is an index for all the reliable recipes I've used in my blog posts. All these recipes can be viewed by clicking on the links below or by simply visiting the storage/extension blog, Recipe Pieces. Most of the recipes found here are merely basic components of a dessert. What I love about making desserts is the fact that you can mix and match basic components and make a unique dessert of your own. It's like clothes and accessories, you don't buy an outfit and wear it the same way all the time; you mix and match whatever is in your closet. So feel free to browse through my recipe  closet  library, and make your own exquisite treat!

**All these recipes are compiled at 

Cookies / Bars / Petit Fours
Sponges / Butter Cakes / Meringues
Pastries / Crusts
Custards / Creams
Jellies / Ice Creams
Mousses / Bavarois
Frostings / Fillings
Edible Decorative Treats / Candies / Chocolates
**All these recipes are compiled at 

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