Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's December Again!

I can't believe it is December again; the festivities from last season still feel so fresh to me... It's safe to say I had an extremely memorable 2010 Christmas! 
This year, I would be celebrating Christmas in yet again another city. It is definitely not easy to get into the Christmas spirit especially in a country that doesn't really celebrate this season. In a bit of positivity, China has more Christmas feel going on as compared to Korea; so if I managed to be all festive in Korea then I would definitely be able to here in China.
Last year I was giving away almond biscotti as my yearly Christmas treat giveaway. This year I decided to spice things up by making lovely festive spiced cookies. I decided to make these cookies as soon as I laid my eyes on some cute cookie cutters while I was baking supply shopping.
I kept the design of my cookies nice and simple as I want the deliciousness of my cookies to be all about the cookie than the sugary decorative icing. I am glad I made this decision because the cookies definitely taste sensational! I will be bringing a box full of these cookies later this afternoon on my Mandarin class... I hope everyone will enjoy each bite.

Bisou bisou,

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