Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Busy Bee...

Things have been pretty hectic for me these last couple of months. It all started when my sister J asked me to make her a bag cake when I visited home on January. On that visit, I also made a bridal shower cake for a dear friend. When I came back to China, luck decided to be on my side. I was starting to get cake orders (especially fondant cakes), and my Saturday baking classes also took off.

You can only imagine the schedule I have. After a days work with energtic kids, I go home and either bake, buy more supplies or deliver; to top it all off, I also conduct baking classes during Saturdays. Although I stopped doing the baking classes already. I have never been this busy in my life - juggling a job, house chores and baking. I never really felt the need to own a daily planner or a smart phone until now!

Anyway, here's a parade of pictures of a couple of my baking classes and most of the cakes I've made...

Baking Class

Baking Class

Baking Class
Bag Cake
Bridal Shower Cake
Bag Cake
Football Cake
Rugby Ball Cake
Stationery Cake
Rapunzel Cake
Teletubbies Cake
iphone Cake
Au revoir for now, I hope it won't be this long until my next post. My schedule is kind of relaxed for now, so I'm hoping to squeeze in a leisure baking.

Bisou bisou,

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