Friday, 23 April 2010

Mille Feuille

So I made puff pastry, but I didn't know what dessert to make out of it. There's just too many to choose from. In the end, I opt for something I personally love to pig out on!:p

--- Mille Feuille ---

Mille feuille is a classical French dessert that I think is loved by many people. I mean, what's not to love? Pastry cream sandwiched with layers of puff pastry... even the description of it makes me want to have a slice now! :) The literal meaning of mille feuille is thousand leaf.

It has also many aliases -- Napoleon (US), Bavarian slice (UK), mille foglie (Italy), vanilla slice, custard slice and probably more that I don't know of...

Some people would put jam or cream in their mille feuille, but I prefer a plain and simple pastry cream.I used vanilla beans to flavor my pastry cream to make it extra special!:) Notice the specs of vanilla bean on the filling. :p

There's a reason why this dessert is a classic. Puff pastry + pastry cream = divine! :)

Components used for this dessert treat:

Bisou bisou,

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  1. your puff pastry and napolions look fantastic. you are really talented.


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