Thursday, 17 June 2010

Swiss Roll

I've been trying to find out where Swiss roll originated from, but had no luck. One thing definite, it didn't come from Switzerland. A lot of countries have their own version of Swiss roll, and they call it differently as well. Jelly roll and roulade are the two most common alias for the Swiss roll.

Regardless of its history, I think this dessert was adapted by many countries because of it's dainty look. It's also such a flexible dessert, you can play up with the flavour of the sponge as well as the filling.

As for my version, I used a plain sponge and filled it with raspberry jam and whipped cream. Swiss Roll is definitely an old-fashion timeless dessert.

Components used for this dessert treat:
Bisou bisou,


  1. Charlotte, I love swiss rolls! In Brazil they're called "rocambole". Yours looks so perfect! Seems like your new blog decoration inspired you...

  2. Thanks Renata!:) Lovely to know about rocambole!:)


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