Thursday, 3 June 2010

Creme Caramel

Most of the desserts I'm thinking of baking this month only needs the egg whites. Since I'm not too keen on storing egg yolks, I have to think of what to do with them first, while on a mini mission to collect the whites. First thing that came into mind... creme caramel!

I don't really know where this French dessert originated from, but whoever made this creation first is a genius. I think it's one of the most simple comforting dessert there is. A lot of countries have their own version of this creamy treat. In Italy it's called crema caramella, and in Spain it is called a flan; this dessert also greatly influenced countries that have been colonized by Spain.

One of which is my home country, Philippines. In Philippines creme caramel is known as leche flan. It is one of the most popular dessert there in the sense that it's most likely to be the ever present dessert at Filipino festivals or events. There's another version of leche flan which is called tocino del cielo; it uses a lot more egg yolks and sugar making it extra extra creamy! Watch out for the calories though... 

Do you have a version of creme caramel in your home country? 

Components used for this dessert treat:
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  1. Hi Charlotte..
    Delicious! I was planning a creme caramel since the last challenge at Food Network (Laura Calder's recipe) but ended up not participating. When I saw your post... couldn't resist... mine is baking right now. In Brazil there is a very popular dessert called "pudim de leite" which is very similar to creme caramel, but we use sweetened condensed milk instead of milk and sugar. It's yummy as well.

  2. Yummy! I love leche flan! I've heard from some people that a true filipino leche flan should only be made with duck egg yolks and condensed milk. I've only tried it once before and its really really really rich. - ditsi


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