Thursday, 3 February 2011

Orange Poppy Seed Pound Cake

I needed to bring something for a small family event, but I just had a short notice for it. Plus, I had some errands to accomplish. So I wanted a treat that was quick and simple to make. There was a bountiful supply of oranges at our home, and that brought me back to memory lane where I used to sell orange pound cakes ancient Christmases ago... So I decided, orange pound cake it is! I also bought some poppy seeds from my trip in Australia, so I decided to incorporate those tiny dots into my pound cake.

I wish I discovered how poppy seeds can add magic to a simple cake earlier. Not only did the poppy seeds add prettiness to the cake, it definitely infused a very fragrant taste into the orange pound cake. I loved the light crunch it contributed to the cake as well.

My family definitely indulged in this simple treat. It's a lovely feeling baking for them; I almost forgot what it's like. I love that I have more people to share my baking with, and I like that I got my family to give me straightforward feedbacks (compliments/criticisms). So while I'm here in Manila, my family will be my food critics!

Component used for this dessert:
Bisou bisou,

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