Saturday, 14 May 2011

Kit Kat Cake

I told my H about the Maltesers cake I made for my sister N’s birthday, and he was salivating over the cake as I was describing it to him. He wanted me to make him the same cake, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy Maltesers while I was in Manila. You see, Maltesers chocolates are not easily available here in Korea. Instead, I bargained and sold him the idea of a Kit Kat cake.


The components of this Kit Kat cake were similar to the Maltesers cake – mousse and brownies. Although for the Kit Kat cake, I made chocolate mousse instead of malt chocolate mousse and vanilla crème chantilly in place of the ganache that was used for the Maltesers cake. All went according to my plan and vision; I wanted clean layers of the Kit Kat base and brownies sandwiched with chocolate mousse; the combination of vanilla crème chantilly, chocolate mousse, brownies and Kit Kat was indeed a very scrumptious delight. There was however some room for improvement for this dessert. Getting a bite through the cream, mousse and brownies were heavenly, but when it came to the Kit Kat base, the cutlery had a difficulty slicing through. So even though the flavour profile was good, I conclude this Kit Kat cake is still under product development!

Next post would be about my birthday cake. I’m currently in the process of hopefully creating a work of art... Wish me luck! So until then…

Components used for this dessert treat:
Bisou bisou,

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