Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Macaron de Paris... Attempt # 1

Bonjour everyone! For the past few days, I've been thinking of facing my fear of macarons again. I had a short stint working in a pastry shop a long long time ago, and I used to make macarons.

It wasn't an easy dessert at all; I remember the butterflies in my tummy every time I make a batch of them. The stare of anxiety I gave towards the oven... sigh... those were the days. It took me a lot of practice before I was able to make them consistently good. Even so, I never gained the confidence that I have conquered the techniques in making macarons.

So for today's attempt.... Voila!

I know I know, that's not a macaron! :p It was a disaster. If you notice, I only took a picture of the one that is close to looking like a macaron :p The rest may send you with nightmares if I took photos :p

Anyway, that was my first attempt after years of not making them. I am determined to get this right. Hence, I bought extra ingredients for expected series of attempts ;)

Bisou bisou,

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