Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mystery Fruit... Help!

Ok, same story with the mulberries; I was on my way to yoga when I saw these lovely red fruits. I've never seen fresh red gooseberries or red currants before, so I assumed those fruits would most definitely be one of my guesses. I was wrong. The fruits I bought have pits, and it tasted very similar to grapes. In fact, if you have your eyes closed, you would think they were grapes.
Currants.. Gooseberries.. No? What are they?

Inside the Mystery Fruit

 I took the fruits to my H's workplace to ask his colleagues what they were. Yes, my H has very helpful colleagues, but none of them could tell me what they were. The only answer they could give me was wild grapes. So did I buy a bag of wild grapes? I'm not so convinced. I've been also doing some research over the internet as well as books, but no answer. Can anyone tell me what these fruits are?

Update: Thank you to all my readers who were trying to help me figure out this mystery fruit. I got different responses as what this mystery fruit might be (red choke berry, goji berry, jujube, aratilis, dwarf burford holly, etc.), but in the end my Korean friend confirmed that this fruit is simply a Korean type cherry. Mystery solved!

Bisou bisou,


  1. maybe its jujube fruits? just a lucky guess. haha. i hope you'll find out what it is ;)

  2. @Nuraini, i searched for jujube images; they don't look like the fruits in question.. i hope i'll find out what it is too.. :) thank you for guessing.. i learned a new fruit - jujube :)

  3. Could they be red currants? They look similar to these pictures--


  4. hi francesbean :) at first, i also thought they were currants.. but then they didn't taste like currants and the bottom of these fruits didn't have a studded tail like a currant would have.. thank you for sharing the link.. :)

  5. Cranberry or Dwarf burford holly?

  6. hi win-win :) it's not cranberry or dwarf burford holly.. a friend told me it's simply a Korean type cherry.. thank you for helping me figure this fruit out :)


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