Sunday, 19 June 2011

Recipe Clutter

Having a recipe with very descriptive and detailed instructions is not my thing when I’m actually in the process of baking (it confuses me). What I would normally do when I’m going to bake is read different recipes that are somehow related to what I want to make; then, I would get a sheet of paper and write down my own recipe. My recipes are not the most baker friendly recipe that exist because my recipes just normally consist of a list of ingredients with random brackets and lines plus a word or two.  Thus, if you notice my recipes page is not the most updated; I have a bit of difficulty expressing my instructions into sentences that I think would be clear and understandable for readers. Forgive me if I have neglected my recipes page, but I swear I have intentions of giving my extension blog, recipepieces, a massive update. Massive… yes!

Since I have been writing my recipes on random sheets of papers (A4 papers, tissue papers, back of receipts, post it notes, last month’s calendar, etc.), I have managed to build up a pile of unsorted recipes. These recipes are starting to become such a clutter on my table, so I promised myself to sort them out by the end of this month – nicely compiled at my recipepieces blog. I always tell myself to be more productive and efficient with my recipe compilation; hopefully, this time around I would stick with my plan.

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