Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Letting Go... Moving Forward...

H and I are leaving Korea pretty soon, so I have been busy this past couple of weeks doing a little bit here and there in preparation for our big move. One of the things I have to do is find my baking soldiers a new home. It is certainly not easy to let go of the things you are used to working with, but life goes on. I will miss the baking things that I have invested here, but at the same time, I will be looking forward to start building a new army of baking utensils in my new kitchen.
Saying goodbye is not easy; people react differently towards farewells. Some people would make the most out of the time that's left and enjoy every minute, while some people would act tough and give a cold shoulder to what's about to come. I have had a fair share of goodbye experiences, and I can say I am one that would act tough, to the point that I look like I don't care. In a way, I try to hide away from reality, and let what's about to happen fade away with less fuss as possible. With that being said, I do have many desserts I want to bake, but because I know I'm going to leave soon and let go of my baking things, I don't feel like using my baking stuffs anymore. It's like I feel distant and disengaged from them. Procrastination has been my defense mechanism towards spending quality time with my baking things.
It's been a pleasure baking with you
I have yet to find new owners for my beloved baking soldiers, but hopefully I would find one soon that would have as much fun as I did with them. I feel like I'm in a Toy Story 3-esque movie with this drama... No joke though, I already went through all my baking things, and chosen which ones I would be bringing with me and which ones I'll be giving away. It was a difficult and emotional moment.. haha!

With goodbyes there are hellos; I will be visiting UK this coming July, and one thing I am really excited for is my Kitchen Aid mixer. I miss my Kitchen Aid so much, two years of not seeing and using it is extremely strenuous. There are tons of occasions where I reminisce about my mixer in the middle of whipping up something; most of the time is when I am making an Italian meringue wherein using a stand mixer would be a lot more convenient than a hand-held mixer. Mmm, can't wait to see my mixer!

Bisou bisou,

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