Saturday, 2 July 2011

What's New / What's Changed?

I have been working hard lately trying to update and organize the recipes I have used for my blog. Hopefully you would have a more delightful experience reading through my blog.

What's New / What's Changed?
  • More recipes added on my recipe compilation blog
  • All recipes found at RecipePieces are now labelled according to categories for ease of browsing (hopefully^^).
  • The "Recipes for Grabs" page of this blog is also now sorted out by categories; again for ease of browsing.
  • A search bar is now at place at both my blogs, RecipePieces and AmbitiousBubble, to hopefully help find the post you are looking for.
  • I have updated most of the posts here at AmbitiousBubble by adding "Components used for this dessert treat:" at the end of most posts to enchain the association of both my blogs, RecipePieces and AmbitiousBubble. It basically contains a list of links of dessert elements utilized on the specific post you are reading which is linked to the corresponding recipe at RecipePieces.
I hope these changes would make my blogs be more reader/user friendly... If you have any suggestions or comments to help improve my blogs, feel free to leave a comment. I would be glad to hear of what you think. :)

Bisou bisou,

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