Friday, 19 August 2011

Banoffee Pie

It has been a busy day for me so far, doing last minute errands since we're leaving England this Sunday. Thank goodness I still managed to squeeze in some time to bake for my H's friend, K, despite running around like a headless chicken. I had a tub of leftover toffee that I made for my mum-in-law's birthday cake, so to make use of it, I decided to make banoffee pie.
 Banoffee is a portmanteau word (combination of two words) from banana and toffee. Banoffee pie is an English dessert created around 1972. This lovable dessert is typically made out of banana, toffee and cream with a biscuit or pastry base. Some versions of this pudding may contain the addition of chocolate or coffee. 
A photo of how I assembled my version of banoffee pie

My version of banoffee pie consists of a plain biscuit and crushed hazelnut base that was then covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache then topped off with bananas then with toffee then lastly with whipped cream - yummy! I wish I made extra for self-indulgence.

Components used for this dessert treat:
Bisou bisou,

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