Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chocolate Pavlova

A quick post about my last baking in England before I leave for China. I made this pavlova for my in-law's around three years ago and they absolutely loved it! So since I'm back for a visit, they've asked me a couple of times to make it again. Honestly, I have absolutely no objections making this pavlova recipe; it's a no-fail crowd pleaser. It has an absolutely light, crunchy, at the same time, almost marshmallow-like soft meringue base that's topped with luscious whipped cream and strawberries. This marvellous chocolate pavlova is Nigella Lawson's recipe. The original recipe actually uses raspberries, but my in-laws prefer strawberries. Again, no-fail, meaning my in-laws ecstatically devoured this scrumptious pavlova. 
 Pavlova is a classic dessert made in honor of a Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova. This dessert is made with a meringue base (which the creator thought resembled the ballerina's tutu) that is then topped with whipped cream and any fruits you desire. There is still an ongoing argument as to whether this lovely dessert was made in Australia or New Zealand. Regardless of where this dessert was born, it definitely is a classic because of the simplicity yet overwhelming goodness.
Anyway, I shall end this post as I have to finish packing for China. Another country for new adventures!

P.S. Since I'll be moving to China, I would have limited access to certain websites, Blogger being one of them. So if I am a bit slow or delayed with my blog posts, you know why, but do stick around because I will find ways to keep on blogging.

Bisou bisou,

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