Monday, 8 August 2011

Fondant Cake - Chocolate Cake/Cupcakes and Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream Filling

The cake and cupcakes all set-up for the party (name smeared)
Our friend L's mom had her 60th birthday bash yesterday. Timely enough, H and I are here in England for it. Knowing that we will be here for the partly, L asked me if I could make his mom's 60th birthday cake, and I happily obliged. L also told me he would cover the cost for the cake, thus making this cake my first ever cake sale! I know I didn't exactly gain any profit from this cake, but the bottom line is I got a free baking session, so I'm happy.
A dozen of chocolate cupcakes and a dozen of lemon cupcakes - all filled with raspberry buttercream and decorated with fondant roses and royal icing '60' scribbles
Working on this cake wasn't exactly smooth sailing. There were a few factors that made this cake a challenge for me. First, I was baking and creating this cake in a new environment, meaning kitchen's not mine. Second, I didn't have my baking equipments and utensils with me, so I had to improvise a lot. Third, I didn't really know where to get the best deal for ingredients and where to buy the exact ingredients and baking utensils I wanted, so I had to settle and cobble together what is available in the stores I know. Last, the thought of baking the cake for someone's milestone birthday, and having people that are not family or friends eat my cake was definitely nerve wrecking. Despite all these, everything came together in the end. Most important of all, L's mom was happy with her cake. Many guests on the party also enjoyed the cake, and were giving me positive reviews.  
The cake and cupcakes ready for delivery
For L's mom's 60th birthday cake, I decided to make a six-inch square chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling, a dozen of chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and a dozen of lemon cake with raspberry buttercream filling. At first I was thinking of just making all the cakes chocolate, but I figured some people would not really be partial to chocolate cake so I decided to make a lemon cake variety to hopefully accommodate everyone's palate. As for the design, I wanted something the celebrant would adore. I browsed through some of her photos on facebook, and I noticed she likes wearing purple and is not afraid of floral prints on her dresses. After that little research, I finally came up with a design concept that L's mom really appreciated.
Not only did I enjoy making the cake, I'm absolutely delighted that I was part of someone's milestone birthday. It was really a pleasure and an honor.

Components used for this dessert treat:
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  1. good job jacy!!! go into biz na kasi!!! :)

  2. thanks carla :) biz?? it will happen when the time is right :)


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